Sunday, February 7, 2010

Salam Alaykum

Salam alaykum


Peace be upon all of you

I would like to introduce myself first, I am a young wife and a mother just like most of you out there.
I am Egyptian, and I was never the domestic goddess type and i practically hated the kitchen and the traditional cooking.

then one day i got married and i found out that i left mom behind when i moved and if i didn't start cooking, at least one person - yours truly- will starve to death!!

so there started my Herculean journey with cooking, which consisted mainly of burned pots and pans and the always colourfully full garbage bin!!
but once in a while something good came out that other people liked!! and I started learning, either by watching cooking shows, browsing cooking blogs and of course by trial and error, and my notes and recipe notebooks started getting bigger.
then i thought i would collect the things that worked in one place, to spare some people going through my ordeal :) i started my first cooking blog in Arabic and Alhamduillah (thank goodness) it was met with the appreciation of many culinarily challanged women and wives like myself :)
so here i am, making an English version of the blog, maybe it will be more of help.

just want you all to know that I am no expert, and the credit of my still being fed goes to other people, most of whom you can find on the Arabic cooking channel
what i will try to post here is a mix of traditional oriental dishes with a spin, shortcuts and techniques to make your life in the kitchen easier, as well as some new discoveries i made on the way.
hope you find my blog beneficial, and of course you can request recipes and i will do my best to provide them.